你最好 All of You (//) 王梓軒 Jonathan Wong 2014.02

Now that I’ve already written like 95 posts, now might be a good time to mention that my credits that I post above my blogs, only are referring to what I did in the song. But if a song is co-written, or co-produced, you’d have to read the blog to know..

Which leads us to the co-written part. This song is most definitely co-written by Jonathon. It’s going to sound a little out of nowhere, since this is our first released song, but Jonathon and I have been making nothing but hits for a few months now. I spent both Christmas and my birthday with him in the studio, just jamming on new ideas, writing amazing melodies, and then producing what we call ‘future music’. So far, we have 6 killer demos done.. Basically, every time he’s in Taiwan, we book as much time possible in my studio. We usually both have some ideas going in, but rarely do we stay with our original ideas. They usually manifest into something completely unexpected. Which is my favorite part of co-writing. Writing something that you’d have never come up with by yourself. Leaving your comfort zone and exploring. 

But actually, this song is our most standard pop ballad song. So our crazy future music doesn’t really apply here. Hahaha. 

And yet I’d never have written a song quite like this either. But in this song it’s the subtle melody changes here and there. The tiny things, that I’d have never thought of that make this song just so epic for me. Like the chord progression in the chorus. When you’ve written over 700 songs, all categorized in your iTunes library, it’s VERY rare that you stumble onto a chord progression you’ve never used.. And the development of Verse melody. From the first line into the second line. It’s just all these minute details that really took this song over the top for me. I feel like I learned a lot from writing this song with Jonathon. 

And the MV! It’s so rare that an MV is good! Even rarer when they have a story, or even make sense on any level. This is the first time in 10 years that I’ve produced a Cantonese song, so I’m not sure how rare it is for the Cantonese market. Either way, the whole point of an MV is to bring the song to the next level. And I feel this one totally did! Especially since I know how rushed this entire process was for Jonathon and his team over there. I knew they we’re going to release this song on Valentine’s day, but had no idea they were gonna shoot an MV for it… I’m still kinda blown away.. 

The best way to start off 2014 for me. 

分手說愛你 Acoustic Version(//) Kimberley陳芳語Kimbonomics2013.12

This is what a few friends with a few hours can do. 

降落(//) 栎鑫降落2013.11


This YouTube version only has a few hits. But his China version, the yinyuetai link has over 4 million view at the time I’m writing this. And it also has a few million more views on Youku, Tudou, etc.. 

K.A… Or Yue Xin to me. He holds a very close place in my heart. He and his company, are the first Mainland China artists to fly out to Taiwan to record with me. And it ain’t easy. They had to go through all sorts of Visa non-sense just to come here. But it was all worth it. This song became #1 in China in just a few days! Which is kind of weird for me. It wasn’t even released here in Taiwan, and I wasn’t in China to hear it, or feel the excitement. I can just brag that it got to #1 in China, without really understanding what that means. 

Anywho, we recorded 3 of my songs. And this one was by far the weirdest of them all. I was honestly super shocked that they even took it. I was just bored when I wrote it. I wanted to try something more adventurous. But I was even more shocked when they said they were gonna make it the first single! It was an amazing gamble that totally paid off. 

I really hope to work more with Mainland acts. And I really hope to work with Yue Xin and his company again! I wouldn’t mind flying to Beijing and recording him there. That’s sounds like it’d be awesome! And Yue Xin said I’m super famous in China. Which is really wild.. Again, because Taiwan and China have so much beef with each other, we don’t really get their entertainment news here. We can’t even watch their videos online. And they can’t watch ours.. Stupid.. 

死不睡覺(//) 倪安東Friends2013.10

I wrote something like 7 songs together with Anthony for this album. Wrote, arranged, produced, edited, tuned, sounding like pure gold. Only to have his company reject ALL of them. If they were bad songs, I’d understand, but they were all hits. How do I know they were hits? Because I sold them in literally a few hours after HIM rejected them. And one of them became a HUGE #1 hit in China. Yeah.. I’m butt hurt over this album as well. Only because Anthony is one of my best friends, and this third album flopped, but totally didn’t have to. It could have been album of the year…

So I kinda have 3 songs on this album. But one of them was ‘The weight of sweat’, which was already released with that baseball movie he did. The other 2, we’re pretty much songs that Anthony wrote himself. I’m taking songwriting credit on this one, because I wrote the bridge, and pre-chorus, and also changed the chords he originally had in the verse. But his original demo sounded very similar to this! And the other song, All my love, which I can’t even find on YouTube, was kinda the same way. He basically had all the big ideas down, but just needed some help turning his big ideas into an actual 3 minute long song. 

And the sound we got from working this way, was way less Skot Suyama typical sound, and more Anthony Neely original sound. Which I personally love! It’s way more authentic. As with all beginning songwriters, it takes a looooong time to get an idea that’s worth keeping. But hopefully, we can continue this process for his next album. That is, of course, if his company even lets me do anything on his next album….

閨蜜樂園(//) By2My . 遊樂園2013.09

Again, this might get taken down. Poor non-singles.. 

So this one also has a sting to it. I was told by Ocean Butterfly that this was going to be the first single. They even asked me to add that weird intro and outro, because it was going to be for the MV. But then Ocean Butterfly started working with AVEX, and suddenly my song isn’t even a single at all? So now my song has two intros for no reason? 

If this song was just so-so, I wouldn’t mind. But this song had the chance to be revolutionary. To finally have a song that could compete with the Koreans. Instead of just recycling the same Swedish dance songs over and over again, and getting trampled on by the Koreans who keep innovating and revolutionizing the asian market. Weird… Not weird.. Old… Old laoshi’s in charge of this new internet age. 

We’ve reached the breaking point I think. Where people and companies who are scared of change are going to get left behind. And the new and the exciting is going to win every time. To any record company execs reading this, here’s the answer to all of your problems:

Be the trend, don’t follow it. 

(曲)  HardpackNever Be The Same2013.05

I lived in Hong Kong for almost 3 years. It seems like a lifetime ago. And when I was living there, I was mostly playing bass for whoever needed a bass player. And the drummer was always Kevin Jai. We quickly became brothers. 

And Hardpack was his jam. When I was in Hong Kong, it’s possible that I saw every single show they had in those 3 years. 

Anywho, I didn’t produce or arranged this song. I just wrote it with Kevin YEARS ago. Actually he had the verse, pre-chorus, and bridge already. He just didn’t have a chorus. And if I remember correctly, I was in Seattle visiting my mom at the time. So he sent me the mp3, and I was super pumped off it. So I just sang what came naturally, and boom. Song done. 

We tried pitching it to other artists here and there. We got a lot of nibbles, but nothing ever caught. So it was super exciting, when Kevin told me they were gonna use our song for Hardpack’s last CD. Which was super touching, but also really sad as well. 

As a listener, and fan of Hardpack, and also as a fellow musician, songwriter, arranger and producer, I feel like this last line-up for Hardpack was perfect! I think when Adam Diaz (who is in my mind, an undiscovered musical genius) joined the group, Hardpack finally had everything they needed to “make it”. And by “make it”, I mean one day becoming the Hong Kong version of MayDay. Like Beyond. 

I was sad that I couldn’t go to their final show. I’m actually a full-time parent, and part-time music producer. But hopefully Hardpack will be like LMF, and do hella reunion shows. Only time will tell…

Purple Rain   (//)     A-Lin幸福了 然後呢2012.12

I don’t know if I’ll ever work with A-Lin again. Which is a shame. So many times, when I’m writing songs, I picture A-Lin’s voice in my head. Her voice is just amazing. She sings from her soul. She means every single word. So you can imagine I have so many songs written, perfectly for her. 

I was a little happy to hear that Avex was being closed down. Happy to know that the people who lied to the news, and screwed me are now without a job. But also not happy at the same time. I wish the whole situation had never happened. And for the record, everything that Avex said about me was 100% untrue. We have emails proving that everyone at Avex knew about Ting’s version Black Hole. We were VERY careful to make sure everyone knew.

So why didn’t we fight back? Because my own publishing company, SONY ATV, said not to. They said they were scared to go to war with AVEX. I told them this isn’t a war. It’s just standing up to a bully. But Sony ATV was still too scared. They said they were just a small publishing company. That they didn’t even know anyone in the news they could talk to.. They said to me, that we should do nothing, that it’ll just blow over, that people will forget. But.. I didn’t forget. I’m still hurt and angry about this 6 months later. 

Later we found out that this whole smear campaign against me was just a way for A-Lin to get some free promotion for her FEEL-LIN concert in Hong Kong. I heard the Hong Kong tickets weren’t selling at all like they expected. So I was just expendable to them. After I had spent countless hours, making that song a masterpiece, and even dethroning Jay Chou from the KKBOX charts. 

So now.. Where are we? I heard from rumors and people in the industry, that A-Lin isn’t able to sign with a new company. That AVEX is going to sell her contract to the highest bidder! As much as I was hurt by A-Lin, for not coming out and saying the truth, I wouldn’t wish anyone to become a slave. To be sold.. That’s horrible if it’s true. And I have to believe it’s true, otherwise we would have heard something. There would have been a bidding war for her. Someone would have signed her by now. 

But she’ll either sign, or be sold to another company eventually. And when that happens, I wonder if she’ll have the balls to ask me to work with her again. Probably not. She probably feels too guilty and embarrassed to even ask. When we bump into each other in public, she’ll just pretend she didn’t see me, and walk the other way. And whenever her fans ask her why she didn’t work with me on her new albums, she’ll feel that ping of guilt.

So.. this situation is just fucked. Everyone involved lost. No one came out on top. 

越來越愛(//阿福Afu‖   天空島2013.06

It’s very possible that this video will be taken down at some point. You might have to search for it by yourselves.. 

I LOVED this song! So much, that I was a little butt hurt when it wasn’t the first single. And then got pretty heart broken, when it wasn’t a single at all :( Oh well. That’s the price of taking money from a record company. You hand over your art, your creation, your passion, and let them do whatever they want with it. 

I literally wrote both this song and the other one, in one night. I was so inspired by meeting and talking with the people from Forward Music and Afu. 

And because this is possibly my favorite song that I made in 2013, and because I was so disappointed in Forward’s marketing campaign for Afu, it really got me thinking. What’s the point of having a song on someone’s album if it isn’t a single? What’s the point of making a song that no one hears? In a bigger picture, why do we even make albums when people only hear the first 3 singles? Why don’t the record companies at least put the non-singles online themselves, so we can have a way to share these songs? Or why not have Afu sing these non-singles in the studio wearing her glasses, like she used to do with her covers? Forward gets money from YouTube hits. They get nothing by doing nothing. Weird.. Not really weird.. Old. Old laoshi’s in charge of this new internet age. That’s my conclusion. 

無限度自由 (//阿福Afu‖   天空島2013.06

Whew! I wrote a huge blog about this song yesterday, and then tumblr kept giving me an error message, and eventually it all got deleted.. 

Anyway, nothing too special about this song actually. I REALLY liked working with Afu, and hope we can keep working together in the future! I have a whole bunch of really cool ideas for her! 

自作他唱音乐作品年鉴——Skot Suyama(陶山)


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You Are My Baby (///) 倪安東&陳漢典愛的麵包魂 & Wake Up Pre-Order Version2012.02


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义气(曲//) 张芸京‖ 【相反的我义气风发版】‖2010.08

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E.G.B.F. ()   Dance FlowDance Flow】∥2010.05

做自己 ()   江明娟∥【無論如何都愛你】∥2010.05

生存權 (/)     玮伦‖【首張創作單曲】‖2010.02 

Devil  (//)    吳建豪∥【Reflections】∥2010.02

Devil  (//)    吳建豪∥【Reason Single】∥2010.02



Where Did You Go remix  (曲)∥邓紫棋‖【18】∥2009.10




愛愛愛 (//柯有倫∥【One Day】∥2009.03

Sugar Lady (//)     柯有倫∥【One Day】∥2009.03

每一天  ()    柯有倫∥【One Day】∥2009.03 



Where Did You Go(曲)∥邓紫棋‖【G.E.M.】∥2008.10


我回來了 (蔡旻佑∥【我回來了】∥2008.07

不可靠(曲)∥何超仪‖【Elastic Rock】∥2008.04

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月兒光光 (5566【喝彩】∥2008.01







Welcome to my world(曲//製)∥柯有伦‖【Welcome To My World】∥2007.06

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兩敗俱傷  () 柯有伦‖【Welcome To My World】∥2007.06

為了我好 (編/製)∥柯有伦‖【Welcome To My World】∥2007.06

最美的痕迹(曲//製)∥柯有伦‖【Welcome To My World】∥2007.06

呼吸(編/製)∥柯有伦‖【Welcome To My World】∥2007.06

煩惱歌  ()   張學友∥【在你身邊】∥2007.02 

原罪犯    ()   張學友∥【在你身邊】∥2007.02



You & Me(曲)∥萧亚轩‖【1087】∥2006.12



人尽可夫(曲)∥何超仪‖【地狱厨房】‖2006.10 b





对不起 谢谢(曲)‖陈奕迅‖【怎么样】‖2005.11

直覺(/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12

夢醒的世界(/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12

晨霧(/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12

冬眠(/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12

Blue/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12

風的終點(/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12

走火入魔(/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12

天才白癡夢(/)   Soler【直覺】∥ 2005.12


火星雨  (/賈立怡∥ 賈主義】∥2005.08 

偷心 Yes I Love You(曲)∥5566【好久不见】‖2005.08


失魂 /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

海嘯 /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

緊箍咒 /Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

陌生人 /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

Make The Whole World Dance /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

羅馬冬假 /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

孔雀與飛鷹 /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

狂風暴雨 /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

暗器 /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

Natural High /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

Stay Awhile /)   Soler【雙聲道】∥ 2005.07

永不停止(曲)∥朱孝天∥【On Ken’s Time】∥2005.01


与神话(曲)‖许志安‖【Back Up】∥2004.10

Give Love A Break(曲)∥容祖儿/FamaGive Love A Break】∥2004.10

我不识广东话(曲)‖潘玮柏‖【Wu Ha】∥2004.09  


阿諾  ()    陳小春∥ 【黑洞】∥2004.05




醒了 (//)     戴愛玲∥【想你的距離】∥2013.05

As soon as you say, “Art must be like this”, or “Art should be like that”, you’ve already lost. You’ve just killed the entire process of what makes art. It’s creative, imaginative, free flowing, unchained, passionate, painful, uncensored, etc.. Never change your art to try and make it fit in to the popular trend. Become the trend. Make your art so awesome that it inspires others to be like you. And to do that, there’s no rules. Nothing to follow but your own heart. 

This is something I’ve been thinking about lately. I was trying to find a quote that would sum all of that up, but.. lost interest. 

This song took me 4 months to write. And it’s become my favorite song that I’ve written. I also spent so much time on the arrangement. I put so much thought into every detail of it, and now I’m just so damn proud of it. I usually get tired of my songs pretty quickly, but not this one. I remember we finished this song on my birthday, Jan. 9th. And I’ve been listening to it almost everyday since then. 

Ok, so back to the 4 months of writing it. They asked me in April of 2011 to write a song for AiLing. And I remember I had a lot of ideas. Too many actually. And it took me a long time to weed out all the bad ideas and get to the juicy ones. The ones that I thought would really let AiLing’s voice shine. And for some reason, when I was trying to write for her, I could only write on the piano. And I’m terrible at playing piano. I’m probably worse than most 9 year olds. But for some reason, every time I picked up my guitar to try and write for her, I just kept getting stuck. And like I’ve said before, when I get stuck, or writer’s block, I stop. I don’t try forcing it. I stand up, walk out of the studio, and do something else. So this kept going on and on and on. I’d sit at the piano for a few minutes, struggle with these melodies, and chords, get frustrated, give up, and do something else. Everyday for 4 months. Of course I was working on other songs during this time, probably wrote some other songs as well. But this one kept stumping me. 

And AiLing’s manager was calling me a couple times a week. Piling on the pressure. But you can’t rush art. I wanted this song to come out of me as much as they did, but it was just moving super slow. Nothing I can do. And then finally after months, the song finally presented itself in it’s entirety. 

So I asked Christine if she’d help me sing the demo. She wrote her own lyrics, and came over and sang the demo within a few days. Super easy. And there’s like 3 lyricists credited on this. But about 70% is Christine’s original. 

Right.. So I finally finished the demo in September. But I really rushed the arrangement on my demo. I had just spent 4 months giving birth to this song, and then sent it out into the world without feeding it, clothing it, or teaching it how to survive. But I had time. AiLing wasn’t scheduled to come over and record until January. So I used that time to make the arrangement just as good as the melody and chords that I had worked so hard on. I think I spent the most time on the drums and bass. Even though it sounds really simple and easy now, I literally tried everything I could think of, before settling on this. I probably played around 100 takes of the bass. And I had all of my drummer friends take a listen and tell me what pattern and fills they might play on a song like this. And once I had a killer rhythm section, something still wasn’t right. My live bass playing was just too distracting for some reason. So I copied what I had cut together note for note and played a midi bass instead. And then the rhythm section was perfect. And once I had that, everything else just fell into place. 

Whether it does well or not, it’s all good. With this song, I really learned something invaluable. I’m super lucky right now to be in a point in my career where I don’t have to bend over backwards to these companies. Like everybody else, I started out willing to do whatever for them just to get that paycheck.  I made some real garbage before.. And I’m just so thankful that now I can take my time with my songs and get them right before they come out. To really be able to dedicate myself to my art. I just realized that this song took over a year to complete and be released. But I’m really happy I didn’t rush. If the manager or company would have said ‘We need this song now, or it’s not going on the album’, I would have been fine with the song not going on the album. It was ready when it was ready. 

汗水的重量(/// 倪安東天后之戰】∥2013.02

This is a prime example about loving the journey of a song, regardless of how well it does when it’s released. When Anthony was shooting this movie, he kept calling me and telling me everything that he could about the movie. He described scenes in great detail, and everything he could about all the kids in the movie together with him. I thought he was just bored and wanted to speak English with someone, and that’s why he kept telling me everything. But later, after he had told me pretty much everything about the movie, he says that the Director is looking for the theme song. And I thought OH!!!!!! That’s why he kept calling and telling me everything that happened on set!

So I pretty much knew everything I needed to know about the movie when it was time to start writing for it. I knew it had to be uplifting, about camaraderie, and inspirational. And I knew I wanted to do something a bit more cinematic. Something that when you listened to it, you could already picture the music video. 

But… How the hell do you write something like that? How do you make something that you’ve never made before? I had no idea. I think I spent four days playing around with Logic, fiddling with loops, and all sorts of drum tones.. I had no idea where to begin. And I wasn’t terribly inspired. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to get there. I would spend a few hours just making noise, then get frustrated with myself, and decide to give up for the day, and come back the next. And after the 4th day, I decided to really just give up. Nothing was coming that was any good. And literally the minute that I gave up, and walked out of the studio to play with my daughter, I got this riff in my head. Which was the violin pattern. So I ran back inside, and put that violins over the drum pattern that had taken me four days to program. 

And after a few hours I had the arrangement 100% done. Which is really different from how I normally write songs. So now I had an amazing arrangement, but no melody.. It was easy to randomly sing lines over the arrangement I had, but hard to come up with something that was amazing, and something that I’ve never done before. So I got stuck again… For another four days. I kept trying to come up with something better than I had, but nothing seemed to be good enough. I kept showing my wife all the different versions I had, and we both agreed on one that we liked the best, and would probably suit the movie best. And I was about 90% satisfied with it. But more importantly I was tired of writing this song. I just wanted it to be over. Finish the demo, give it to Anthony and the Director, and if they didn’t like it, fine, I’d throw it away and say at least I tried. 

So as I was singing the demo, something just clicked, and I ended up re-writing everything. A new melody for the verse and the chorus. But this one just felt right! I knew it was it. And that’s the one I ended up using. But.. The new melody was WAY too high for the arrangement I had done. Which meant it was going to take me about a day to re-play everything in the new key… But it was worth it. The new melody was the one!

And I sent it to Anthony, who sent it to the Director, and they liked it! We actually have two versions of this song. An English versions and then this Chinese version. I think they used some of the English version in the movie, I’m not sure. We haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet… But I really want to… I love hearing my songs in movie theaters.. They sound SO EPIC!!

So I know this story kinda goes against what I just wrote about the A-Lin song. But whenever I got frustrated, I stopped. I left it. Pushing myself wasn’t going to get this song done any better. It might have been faster, but definitely not better. I took as much time as I needed to make something that I’ll be proud of years later when I listen back to this. 

幸福了 然後呢   (//)     A-Lin幸福了 然後呢2012.12

On my birthday, this song beat Jay Chou out of the #1 spot on KKBOX. I was so pumped up for a few minutes, until I realized that KKBOX is far from the definitive chart for Mandarin music. It seems like everybody has their own chart that can be either bought or bribed. KKBOX, EZPEER or mymusic, YouTube, all the individual CD stores, every single radio station has their own chart… It’s ridiculous to even try to name all of them… So I was wondering why do we even bother with the charts? But I guess it’s the same reason we dress up one night a year and give ourselves awards and trophies. We need to prove to ourselves and our peers that our lives have meaning. That all the hard work, all the pain and suffering was worth it. That all of the nights we left our families alone at home, while we pursued these dreams of ours, weren’t done in vain. If you have a #1, or are the best at anything, you basically have an excuse to do whatever you want, and act however you want to act. Cause the ends justify the means. 

I wrote this song over 5 years ago. After a tough break-up, and about a month before I met my wife. But the way I write songs isn’t like I sit down with a pad and paper, and write a song whenever I want. They brew. A melody here, a melodic phrase there, a rhyme, some words, the beat.. They come out of nowhere. I try to hold on to the good ones, and let go of the bad ones. Then an idea of the form comes together. And every time a new idea comes, I’ll sit down with my guitar and try to figure it out. I can’t always play what I hear in my head, and when that happens, I have to wait. Wait till either I figure it out, or I think of something better that I can actually play. I never record my ideas, because it sets them in stone. I’ll listen back to them too many times, they won’t be good enough, but they’ll start to get stuck in head. So I let my ideas go. If I remember them a couple of days later, it’s good. If not, not good. I don’t record anything or work on the arrangement until the song is ready to be recorded, and the arrangement is about 90% done in my mind. 

So, I met my wife right when this song was about 90% done in my mind. Of course she wasn’t my wife then, but I was instantly attracted to her. And we used to have this thing called ‘Sunday Songwriting Night’. Which was basically just an excuse to get her over to my house and hang out once a week. But I was trying to win her heart as well as make music together, so I decided to try REAL hard to impress her. So we jammed on this song a little, and had some new ideas. My wife actually did write a few notes in the verse. I forget what I originally had, but she changed a few chords, and a few phrases. And we talked about what the lyrics should be about, etc…

So that next week before the next Sunday Songwriting Night, I went as crazy as I could on the arrangement. Making it as sweet, intense and mind-blowing as I could. So when she came back over, she’d be impressed. And she was! She sang the lead over it, and left again. And I had another week to do the best back-up vocal arrangement I could think of, except in chinese… I think this was the first time I tried singing the back-ups myself. 

I was getting a lot of success and attention from my work with Yoga, Anthony, and Ah Jing at the time, and Ting had just finished a record contract and had decided that an artist life wasn’t the life for her. We were just doing this for fun. 

The point of this story is the same as Ai Ni, I guess. Not for one second did I feel like this was work. I loved playing every note on this song. And whether or not the song did well, I already enjoyed the journey as much as possible. 

She Wanna Go   (//)     JPM3652012.11

A while back when I wrote a blog about the song I did for A-Ga, I was super honest and candid about how I wrote it. How I’d referenced The Script, because a record company was asking for a song like that, and basically how unimpressed I was at myself for referencing a song. 

A few hours after I posted my blog, people starting copying and pasting what I wrote on the youtube comments of the MV, saying that I admitted to copying, and how dare I call myself a songwriter, etc. Totally misquoting me and taking almost everything out of context… And a few days later A-Ga’s manager calls me and says that a reporter wants to write a story about how I copied The Script for his single. But they need me to comment on it, so they have enough to run the story in the newspaper. 

The Manager begged me. Almost on her hands and knees. A-Ga’s album wasn’t selling well at all, and there was no buzz about it. And he should’ve been selling like crazy since he just won Super Idol, and everyone was talking about him… But… For whatever reason, people weren’t buying the album, or listening to it online, and the company was desperate. 

So, long story short, turns out it was the manager’s idea all along, and she was the one who called the newspaper and begged them to write about how I copied, etc.. So his manager, and company  were willing to destroy my credibility, damage my reputation,  and lower my value, just to get a little story in a newspaper that probably wouldn’t have been read by many people. Negative press is better than no press..

It was painful but eye-opening at the same time. A manager, a company, an artist, a whoever, will throw you under the bus at any moment just so they might be able to get ahead. That so many people will try to look better by putting you down. But I couldn’t really blame them. I’ve been there, I’ve felt that.. And I guess everybody has felt this before. Being thrown under the bus, and more importantly, throwing somebody else under the bus. Wanting something SO BAD, that you’d do ANYTHING to achieve it. We’re all human, and we all have a little bit of Wicked Witch in us at some point.

I decided not to even respond to the manager lady. Every time she called, I wouldn’t pick up, and if it was a number I didn’t know, I didn’t answer. And a few days later, she stopped calling. And everything just went away. 

I decided that fighting back against negative comments, is in fact an act of negativity. And although I feel quite negative at times, I never like to act on those feelings. I’ve gotten in trouble WAY too many times. Said and done things I regret.. Wished I could take things back, but it’s too late. 

That’s how it is(曲//製)Christine Welch克麗絲叮2012.10

Yeah!! So this is the 7th song recorded by Christine and I, but actually only the 2nd MV. And like the last MV, it was entirely shot in my house. But this time, in my studio. And for the record, that’s not how we actually record. She’s not usually in that corner, and so far away from the mic. 

So this one was shot by our good friend David Barker and his editor Birdy Nio. Again, we had no budget, but thought that it was time to do another video. And I’ll tell you, it’s not easy getting people to help you for free. Because the good people who can actually help you are busy with their real work. And can only help out when they’re in between jobs. Also, to get people to help out for free, you have to have an exciting project. Something that’s worth their time and effort. Because they could be making money instead of helping you out..

So originally, we were thinking that due to the success of Christine’s first video, we might be able to find a sponsor to help out with the 2nd one. And we got kind of close. There was one really big company that seemed pretty interested, but… you know… Didn’t end up happening. 

So I kind of hooked Barker into helping us out. I’ve known Barker for a while, and the best part about him is that he’s a Do-er. He does what he says when he says he’s going to do it. 100% reliable. And both Anthony, Will, and Alan had all worked with him in the past and just couldn’t say enough good things about him and his team. 

So Barker and I started brainstorming about what we can do for little to no budget. And what’s the point of doing it, what does everyone get out of it. So we had a plan. I thought that we could shoot this video super simple style, since the main point of this song is the power of Christine’s voice, her vocal ability, and rhythm, and of course the shock and awe factor of her lyrics. Out of all the songs we’ve done, I felt like this song would be the best for a super simple classic style video.  We thought about putting a storyline in there.. But.. nah.. It’d cost A LOT more, and might even take away that shock and awe factor of a white girl, laying it down in Chinese!

And the main point for us to do this, was to get sponsors for the next video. And…. I really wanna scream that it worked, and we got a budget for the next video.. But it’s actually not concrete yet.. But it’s SOOO close.. And it’ll be SOOOO cool to make a legit video with the people that made Anthony’s Rang Wo Ai Ta, and that Remix, We Believe videos… And I know it’s probably bad luck talking about something that’s not concrete yet.. But doesn’t matter. Even if it doesn’t work out, we’ll find another way. And we’ll keep putting out Christine videos no matter what. 

But if it does work out, and it’s like 90% for sure.. Then I’m SOOOOO excited for the next 2 videos. The next two songs are my two favorite.. And I can feel in my heart that one of them has a chance of being as big as Ai Ni or Sorry that I loved you was.. 

Actually all the Christine stuff we’ve done is the best stuff I’ve ever done. The music is the easiest part. The hard part is finding a smart way to get it out there. A way that’ll attract the right kind of attention that’ll help us get the next video out. I feel like one of the underpants gnomes.. Release great music + ????? = PROFIT!!! But I guess the best part of this, is that even without the profit, I’m super happy just have these songs out for people to hear. I didn’t make any of these songs for profit, I made them because I like listening to them. So being able to share it with everyone is already profit enough..